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Do you know….

…how the cascading waterfalls on that beauty of Dolenjska, the River Krka, were created? 

…which wine is the only one in the world – apart from Italian Chianti – that is made from a mix of red and white grape varieties?

…where Josef Rassel, inventor of the screw ship’s propeller, first tested his invention?

…what was the significance of the settlement that existed in the Iron Age on the site where Novo mesto is found today?

…who first brought the legend of the Indian princess Pocahontas to Europeans?

…what is the origin of the name of the Stična monastery?

…where you can find Slovenia’s only island castle and which is the only settlement in the country which is surrounded by water on all sides?

If you don’t know the answers to these or any other questions, a walk around Dolenjska will be a discovery of the unknown. But even if you already know, 

Dolenjska is well worth visitingAgain and again…

Source: Tourist Guide to Dolenjska, Marjan Žiberna, Goga 2008


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