Boating & Suping on the Krka River & Sports Fishing

Boating on the River Krka – this Dolenjska beauty is always a special pleasure. You can go out in a boat on the peaceful Krka alone, or you can take advantage of a skilful and reliable oarsman, who will lead the boat safely under the wooden bridges while you sit back and enjoy the views of the picturesque riverbanks, where the graceful willows are reflected in the water, the silence is just occasionally broken by some startled swans, which rise into the sky with loud honks. We recommend that you visit one of the suppliers of organised boating – Mestna čolnarna in Kostanjevica na Krki. We also suggest rafting or kayaking on the upper stretches of the river from the village of Lesa to Šmihel, which due to a number of dams is the most attractive section, or simply relaxed canoeing on the more peaceful lower sections of the river.

Boating on Krka River

What’s SUP?
The term SUP stands for Stand Up Paddling and, if we’re not too specific about the form and the manners. A beautiful sport which anyone can practice and enjoy. Discover Kostanjevica na Krki from a “swan’s perspective”. The tour takes 1 to 3 hours, depending on the clients’ wishes, it tours the island up and down the Krka river flow. If you are a beginner, we’ll teach you the basic holds for SUPing. For more information and rent click

Sports Fishing
On the famous River Krka, local Kostanjevica people recommend above all sports fishing for pike, perch and catfish from a boat. If Lady Luck isn’t smiling at you, you’ll have to make do with other species: cactus roach, bleak, common roach, tench, asp, carp, barbel, percoidei or nace. The waters of the Krka and the Studena and Obrh streams are populated by trout, chub, bleak and nace. In the Senuša it is possible to find trout and chub, while the Sušica in Podbočje is an area with chub, nase and river trout, which are also found in the Lačni stream. Kostanjevica na Krki Fishing Society, e-mail:


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