Long patient waits for food at a ‘buffet breakfast’ – you will not endure this here. Breakfast at our villa is a real pleasure, as:


  • We follow the principle of ‘From the garden to the plate’ – fruit juices, freshly harvested seasonal vegetables
  • We provide local marmalade, jam and honey, which you can also buy and take home with you
  • We make the best coffee for miles around
  • We offer a rich choice of delicatessen fare: salami, meat and dairy products from local producers
  • You can choose from a range of freshly baked rolls, bread, fruit drinks or ‘potica’
  • You can sleep as long as you like – you are on holiday, after all – and when you wake up, we will bring breakfast to your room.


When you return from a trip pleasantly tired in the afternoon, and before heading out to an evening event or to dinner at a well-chosen Dolenjska restaurant, we will serve you a range of local specialities – delicatessen fare, meats, cheeses, cakes and a glass of Cviček or other high quality Slovenian wine.

If you would like to enjoy our delicacies swimming in a nearby spa centre or on the banks of the Krka, it will be our pleasure to fill a basket for you full of tasty delights, specially put together for an unforgettable lunch – an outdoor picnic.

Breakfast in Vila Castanea
Delicatessen at Vila Castanea

Vila Castanea***

Ulica talcev 9,
8311 Kostanjevica na Krki
Phone: +386 69 927 593

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