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Forest Bath

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Forest Bath Special Offer
Forest Bath Special Offer

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Do you want to experience nature differently? To listen to the sounds of the forest, enjoy the smell of the trees, taste the fresh air and fill your lungs? To watch the mighty trees and the changing colors in them? Immerse yourself in different shades of green and learn about flowers and animals? Listen to birdsong and feel the freshness of the forest air?

Connect with nature with all your senses and indulge in the beneficial effects of the forest – experience a forest bath in the woods near Kostanjevica on Krka.

We will walk through the forest with a local guide, relax with breathing exercises and touch the trees along the way, enjoy the natural aromatherapy of phytoncides, listen to birdsong and get to know the basic characteristics of the trees along the way. We will absorb the taste of the forest and relax with a feeling of joy and tranquility. This is your sixth sense – state of mind. We will stay in the present moment, reduce our stress levels, relax, take advantage of all the influences of the natural world.

A forest bath has been scientifically proven to strengthen the immune system, increase energy levels and lift mood, clear the mind, reduce stress levels and induce relaxation, improve sleep quality and relieve anxiety, depression and anger.

The forest bath is led by a local tourist guide and takes place in a small group (up to a maximum of 8 people). Local guiding is available in Slovene and  English language.

Duration: from 2 to 2.5 hours; by appointment and during the weekend (Friday – Sunday)

Meeting point: Vila Castanea, Kostanjevica na Krka

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes made of as natural materials as possible, wear hiking shoes and equip yourself with protection against mosquitoes and ticks, a hat and sunscreen. Mobile phones are switched off during the forest bath.

Suitable for: all; age from 14 years

Price per person: 70 EUR, includes local herbal tea at the end.

Forest Bath Special Offer
Forest Bath Special Offer
Forest Bath Special Offer

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