Do you know…. which wine is the only one in the world – apart from Italian Chianti – that is made from a mix of red and white grape varieties?

Cviček is a type of wine made from a mix of red and white grapes, which, in the right proportions, blend in beautiful harmony. 

It is a light red colour, with a pleasantly sour taste, smooth, with no distinctive bitterness and it’s always a dry wine. It has a low alcohol content (from 8.5 to 10% vol.), thus it is a particularly light and drinkable wine.

And because of its drinkability, freshness and smoothness, Cviček is an ideal wine for moderate daily  consumption. 

It is native only to the Dolenjska wine region. It is a speciality among wines by Slovenian and global measures, as it is unique and inimitable elsewhere. It is a symbol of national wine and part of the treasury of Slovenia.


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